Extra Errata and Clarifications

Regarding the Numbers of Essence-Users in Creation
After the end of the Primordial War, 300 Solar Shards, 300 Lunar Shards, and 100 Sidereal Shards existed. Things have happened since to change some of these numbers. However, the books never address the question of the number of God-Blooded in Creation. The books do say something about the numbers of Dragon-Blood, but the number they give is beyond idiotic.

Gods are stated as being rather prolific beings, so we’re going to assume that God-Blooded vary depending on the region’s view of their gods. If gods are seen as distant and powerful figures, then the gods will probably support that by only gifting their people with a child on a rare occasion. These children generally become the priests and leaders of their people.

Dragon-Blooded are rather … well… let’s say concupiscent. Seriously, they numbered 10,000 when they were first created and became a host hundreds of thousands strong with a generation. Let’s say that they’ve cooled off a bit since — especially since they don’t Exalt as often as they did originally. I’m putting the number of Dragon-Blood in the Realm at around 30,000 and the number of Dragon-Blood in Lookshy at 8,000. These numbers do not include Immaculate Monks of any stripe or any Dragon-Blood living outside of these two places. These two places, however, do contain the largest number of Dragonblooded than any other nation on the face of Creation. However, if you combined all of the Outcaste Dragonblooded, they would outnumber, by 3 or 4 times, the number of Dragonblooded within these two nations. Most cities, towns, or alliances of tribes have Dragonblooded present and they are, most likely, the leaders of those places if they have hereditary rulership.

Learning Languages
When you hit Linguistics 3, you may begin taking extra languages at the cost of a specialty.

The Use of Stunts
This isn’t a new change so much as a clarification. Stunts exist to illustrate what awesome things your character is doing. They also serve to fill out the scene. While you can’t stunt an orichalcum statue or laser gun into the scene, feel free to add whatever you think is appropriate and fun, especially if you break it.

Specialties are being changed. You may now purchase as many specialty dots in abilities as you like. However, you cannot exceed a 3-dot bonus for any one roll and specialties must be approved by the ST.

Summoning Spells
Are back in the game. However, they are being changed a bit. First, there is no such thing as task binding. Second, Summon First Circle Demon may only be cast on the seventh day of the week and must begin at sunset and end by midnight.

In order to summon a demon, you must know its name. Information on a demon, including its name, will be following the Rolled Obscurity rules located in the Book of Sorcery Vol. 5.

It should be remembered that Demons are generally incredibly tricky creatures, who are aware that they are magically bound to serve their summoner and are not best pleased with it. As such there are, of course, special rules related to demon summoning. Because I like rules.

Mixing Charms
Melee, Thrown, Firearm, and Archery charms may be used in combos with Martial Arts charms if you are using a form-appropriate weapon that falls under one of those first four trees, as long as it is a valid combo.

Martial Arts Styles
Some most certainly do not exist (unless you find a fan-tweaked one that is acceptable) these are Ebon Shadow; Dreaming Pearl Courtesan; Sidereal Martial Arts. Note that this is not a complete list.

Some most certainly do exist, these are: White Reaper; Crane; Immaculate Martial Art Styles; Throne Shadow; Righteous Devil; Art of Virtue Styles; Hero Styles; Mantis.

In case it needed to be said, in order to learn any Martial Arts charms you either need to have mastered the Form charm or a Sifu. The only exceptions to this are Solar hero, for Solars, and Lunar hero, for Lunars.

Twilight Anima Power
The Twilight anima power is the one listed on page 20 of the Errata. I have copied it below for your benefit. Note, it is still very good and the five motes do not need to come from your Peripheral pool, though the power only comes into play automatically if you have spent 11+ motes from your Peripheral pool.

Solar Exalted of the Twilight Caste may perceive Essence through their anima, allowing them to hone their senses for magic. By spending five motes, a Twilight may add (Essence) automatic successes on any (Intelligence + Occult) roll to identify a Charm or to analyze it with Essence sight, and on any (Perception + Awareness) roll made to notice a magical effect or Charm. In addition, this supernatural perception easily pierces through deception, adding a +3 bonus to the Solar’s Dodge MDV against unnatural Illusions. These effects come into play automatically once the Solar spends 11 motes of Peripheral Essence.

The Twilight anima power by itself does not allow you to analyze Essence Patterns that you would otherwise be unable to see. If a Charm is obvious or there is some spectacular display of Essence, it can be used by itself. Otherwise, you will need to have some sort of Essence sight activated in order to take advantage of it. The second part of the power that has to do with penetrating illusions applies universally.

You may not be brought below your Incap level in one action. At the very worst, you will be brought from full health to Incapacitated. Your enemy must then spend another action to kill you, though he may of course flurry that action. This may apply at times to NPCs.

Air, Earth, Fire, Wood, and Water are all specialties under the Craft skill. When you put points into Craft, you are putting points into your chosen element. Other elements are bought as specialties. Example: You have a Craft of 3 and your chosen element is Fire. You buy the specialty Wood, which has the effect of giving you Craft Wood 3. Magitech, Genesis, Fate, Nekrotech, etc. are all their own abilities as under the normal rules. You may not take these at the beginning and you must find a teacher of some kind to begin you down this path of knowledge.

You get one free degree for every Occult ability you have over 2. Extra degrees cost 2 xp.

Sorcery and Necromancy Spells
You may not take above Terrestrial level sorcery to begin with. This is to reflect both the difficult in obtaining sorcery spells for a young Exalt and also because obtaining a higher circle of Sorcery is hard. Hard as in, yes, we will be using the trial of Sacrifice every time you go up a Circle. Yes, this might mean you have to do something horrible. To learn spells you must either have a teacher of some kind or have worked it out through some sort of great insight from the Tapestry of Creation. If you have a proper teacher, then training times are as described in the book. If you don’t, then training times are doubled.

Lastly, if you take the Charm <x> Circle Sorcery/Necromacy, then you gain the spell <x> Circle Countermagic.

Motivations may be changed over the course of a character’s life without spending the two experience. However, make sure you want to do this as this represents a fundamental change in your character’s long-term goals and actions.

Training Times
These are taken seriously.

Flame-Discharge Weapons
Flamewands, Flame Pieces, their artifact counterparts, and other weapons that use firedust, use the Archery ability, but not the Archery charm tree. For their charm tree, please consult the Firearms charm tree in Shards of the Exalted Dream.

For physical combat, both mass and personal, we will be using the post-roll stunting rules. This means that you will declare your attack and all charms that you are using, roll your attack dice, roll your damage dice, and then stunt. You may stunt attack and defense as normal, with the previous stunt award applying to the next action you choose. You may not ‘bank’ stunt awards,
which means that you may not have more than one stunt award at one point in time. 3-point stunt rewards will award the normal experience point and provide either 6 motes or 1 willpower.

Stunting in social combat will use the core rules.

Mass and Social Combat
Yes, we will be using both of these as per core plus errata. Yes, I know that they can be a bit unwieldy. If you wish to use either of them, then I expect you to know the rules. These things already take up enough time that searching through the book is absurd.

Custom Artifacts?

Check out Raising Essence for more information on this subject. The link was listed in Character Creation, but I forgot to add it here as well.

Demon Summoning
special rules related to demon summoning

Extra Errata and Clarifications

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