special rules related to demon summoning

Demons are torn about the subject of being summoned. On one hand, Creation is an interesting place filled with delightful mortals and they don’t have their scary crazy superiors all around them. On the other hand, they hate being bound to their summoner. To reflect this, here are some things to keep in mind.

Task-binding is, as previously stated, completely out. It’s insane and makes no sense seeing as if it did exist, all Second-Circle demons would be bound to some underwater prison tasked with sitting there twiddling their thumbs for all eternity.

Demons may be summoned according to the following rules:
First Circle Demons may only be summoned if you know their name (species name suffices) and begin the spell on the sunset of the seventh day of the week. The spell continues until midnight. Normal rules, including the ritual implements, will be followed.
Second Circle Demons and Third Circle Demons follow core rules.

Once successfully bound, the Demon has a second motivation to obey the caster. It is important to remember a few things.

First, all demons are alien to Creation. While they aren’t objectively evil, as there is no such thing as objectively good or evil, they are sufficiently inhuman as to be considered… strange at best. A demon might very well enjoy giving to charity, but it might do so because it thinks that by doing so it is keeping the recipients satisfied enough that they won’t openly rebel against the status quo.

Second, demons have urges. While the summoner can demand that they resist these urges, though it’s a bit more complicated to implement this, the demon slowly begins to lose its sanity. When you summon a demon-type for the first time, you will Occult+Intelligence. If you succeed, then you know what sort of urges the demon you are summoning have. If you deny the demon these urges, then every time they have to deny their urge, they gain one limit. This can happen no more than once per day. If they reach 10 Limit, then they become crazed and the summoner has to either banish or kill the demon.

Third, it should be remembered that the demon’s Yozi superior can possess a demon that has been summoned by someone in Creation. The Yozi can only possess a Third Circle demon for one day a year, a Second Circle demon for one hour a month, and a First Circle demon for 1 minute a day.

special rules related to demon summoning

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