Old Game Timeline

764 R.Y.

Resplendent Water


  • News of the Disappearance of the Scarlet Empress reached the Wavecrest.


  • Game Start
  • Majority of Imperial Forces leave Wavecrest. One Dragon remains.
  • Riots spread throughout Abalone.
  • End of first session


  • Start of second session
  • The Feathered One is assassinated. Telek is blamed.
  • The party sails away from Seahaven.


  • Telek and Golden Eyes sail into the port of Elsced
  • End of second session
  • Satrap Mnemon Dithrap is tortured and killed in Seahaven. The Circle is blamed.


  • Creation’s first Crawfish Boil is held. There is much rejoicing.


  • The Legion of the Crimson Sun is formed.
  • The chapter house of the Shipwright’s Guild in Elsced is reformed. Ianus appoints himself Chaptermaster.


  • Start of third session
  • Lintha arrive in town. Si’ignasa joins the Circle.


  • End of third session


  • Start of fourth session
  • The Circle sails off towards a secret Cynis trade cache in the middle of the ocean.

Descending Water


  • The Circle intervenes in a pirate raid upon a Realm vessel. A small group of Immaculate monks are found defending the vessel from the Coral pirates. The majority of the Immaculate monks are killed, one is taken prisoner by Ianus. A teenage Terrestrial is found on board and taken prisoner by Goldeneyes.
  • End of fourth session


  • Start of fifth session
  • The Circle arrives at the hidden Cynis cache in the middle of the ocean. A partially deranged mortal is found within, who is apparently the one left in charge of the cache when no one is there. The party convinces him that they have been sent by an elderly member of House Cynis to procure some items. Much is stolen
  • An Exalt is found within the cache and introduces himself as Captain Jack. He unofficially joins the Circle in order to keep an eye on them.


  • The Circle returns to Elsced after a lengthy time away. They find the town in disorder as the Wyld zone has become increasingly restless and behemoths have terrified the city of late. A sizable number of the recently freed slaves have also begun cluttering up the streets and have established a slum on the eastern end of the city.
  • End of fifth session

Old Game Timeline

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