Social Combat

This is to clarify a few things about social combat and, perhaps more importantly, social charms.

If you use natural mental influence against someone and they resist the effect, their opinion of you will, most likely, not change very much. They might have resisted because they think that your argument is flawed in some way or because they find what you are espousing to be dangerous or counter to their beliefs. So, of course, their opinion might change based on what you were saying, but not because you used natural mental influence. Even charms that utilize natural mental influence will follow this effect.

If you use unnatural mental influence, then you run a greater risk. If it has the Obvious keyword and they resist, then they are aware that you tried to alter their mind in some major way. Most people do not enjoy this. If the charm does not have the Obvious keyword, then they do not necessarily know you tried to alter their mind. However, many powerful beings have charms that allow them to see Essence flows, which might let them know what you were trying to do.

So, basically, be careful with unnatural mental influence.

Social Combat

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