Old Game Timeline

746 R.Y.

748 R.Y.

  • Decidu Alaka, the Autocrat of Thorns dies peacefully in his sleep. His younger son, Decidu Sarep, works with the Realm, and House V’neef in particular, to overthrow his older brother, Decidu Rinep. Decidu Rinep is charged with heresy against the Immaculate Order and collusion with Lookshy. Decidu Rinep’s forces are defeated and he flees with his wife and children.

752 R.Y.

  • The army of Thorns, reinforced by Realm troops, invades the western states of the Confederation of Rivers. The war quickly turns against Thorns, as its soldiers are unused to war, while the troops of the Scavenger Lands’ heartlands have been hardened by the region’s constant state of conflict. Urged on by his Dragon-Blooded advisers, Decidu Sarep has little choice but to pour more and more jade and lives into the conflict.

754 R.Y.

  • The forces of Thorns and their Dragon-Blooded allies are defeated at the Battle of Mishaka. With its military annihilated, Thorns teeters on the brink of civil war. Decidu Sarep maintains his rule only thanks to his Realm allies and loyal native Dragonblooded families.

760 R.Y.

  • A parlor club called The Aesthetes becomes known. Members include merchants and noble families who reminisce about the old days of glory.

762 R.Y.

  • Several gatherings held by The Aesthetes are harshly broken up by the military under the direct command of Decidu Sarep. Charges of sedition are leveled against the club. The club is formally dissolved, however, many continue to meet in secret, now with actual seditious intentions.

764 R.Y.

Ascending Water

Ascending Earth

  • News of the Realm’s withdrawal from the West is received along with news of a successful coup in Wavecrest.

Resplendent Earth


  • Start of Session 1
  • The Circle receives orders to explore a ruin in V’neef lands on the Blessed Isle. They leave that night, missing the opening show for The Victory of the Will; they are heartbroken.


  • The Circle arrive in the portcity of Dragonsmouth. Convincing the local head abbot of their piety, they receive papers to make pilgrimage to the Imperial Mountain.

Descending Earth

  • The Circle travels.

Ascending Wood

  • The Circle travels some more.

Resplendent Wood


  • The Circle encounters a small patrol of Imperial soldiers. The soldiers ask for identification, the party kills them and dumps their bodies after robbing them of their clothes.

Descending Wood


  • The Circle arrives at their destination, The Broken Towers, unleashes an ancient Solar ghost, is confronted by the local magistrate, Exalts, and flee.


  • The Circle arrives at the northern coast of the Blessed Isle in the resort town of Kleshan. Stormwind Rider is cast and they fly southeast.


  • The Circle arrives in back in Dragonsmouth where they hire a ship to take them to Thorns.

Ascending Fire


  • The ship that the Circle hired encounters the edge of the Shadowland that has engulfed Thorns. The captain quickly turns them around and docks at a town 80 miles south of Thorns.


  • The Circle investigate the latest events in the area, kill a prostitute, and head north to see what has happened to Thorns.


  • The Circle stumbles upon the remains of Dicksburg. It is not a happy place.


  • The Circle arrives at Thorns, discovers much of what has occurred there. They flee.


  • The Circle arrives at an outpost run by a Solar. He welcomes them and tells them of his plan to take back Thorns from the invaders. Attempts are made by the party to twist his mind, the paranoid Solar does not take well to this and a battle begins. The party flees.

Resplendent Fire

Session 2.1*

  • The Circle arrives at Great Forks, is introduced to Shield of a Different Day, and given four days to decide if they will accept obeying the laws of Great Forks in exchange for citizenship, protection, and tutelage.


  • Da’Loran Sanudo takes the Oath of Great Forks

Session 2.2

  • The Circle meets with The Three of Great Forks and informs them that they will not be taking the Oath of Great Forks. Tying up the loose ends by the end of the day, they are escorted to the docks and make voyage across the Yellow River.


  • The Circle arrives in the town of Melville, an extension of Great Forks across the Yellow River. They leave town after picking up necessary supplies.
  • Traveling north on a tributary of the Northern Yellow Trade Route for four hours, they arrive on the Northern Yellow Trade Route. Traveling west, they encounter a Mandelbrot two hours later. They are greeted by the small populace who have erected a Temple to the Unconquered Sun. Later on towards evening, the merchant Luscien enters town.

Session 2.3

  • Ammoria introduces herself to Roshan through Radiant Sky informing him of her location and the problems she is encountering. In turn, Roshan relays his worries about Radiant Sky’s community.
  • Luscien and Ozy enter into a business alliance.
  • The Circle departs for Sijan.

Descending Fire


  • Roshan communicates to the Circle his worries regarding his illness. Together, the Circle summons a lesser god of Healing who informs Roshan that his illness is of Malfean origin.


  • The Circle arrives in Sijan. Ozy contacts a friend of Luscien, Lucid Moonlight, who discusses recent happenings regarding the Deathlord Mask of Winters, Roshan’s illness, and other possibly related events.


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